Consultations - Best Advice to Make Your House Appealing

I see so many homes listed on MLS that could have used some good advice to make them look appealing in the Photo's. These are the first impressions buyers see before they decide which houses to look at. A staging consultation could have helped them.

Staging isn't decorating. It isn't about putting a few cushions and pictures in place. It isn't about adding fluff. A consultation can help you understand what to do to make your house appealing to a new buyer who is most likely one or two generations younger. It starts with curb appeal. Then it gives details for what to do in each room of your house. A consultation can be your best guide to the stressful process of getting ready to move. Your move needs to begin mentally, before the sale of your home can get underway. Once you have a plan, you can take the time needed to do repairs, upgrades, cleaning and packing, so that buyers will be interested in purchasing your home. If needed, furnishings can be brought in to emphasize the focal points and function of each space, and to create good flow and proper lighting. As a professionally trained Stager I can help you with that.

According to many surveys over the last decade, proper staging has been shown to increase the sales price over non-staged homes by an average of 6.9 percent, with 40 percent fewer days on the market. Best of all, most of the items we look at can be taken care of at little or no cost.

A consultation is the first key needed to get ready for a sale. Call me!